Vehicles For Sale

Minimum Bid: $31,500
Retail Value: $37,818
Location: Medford, OR
Bidding closes: November 26, 2017, 9:00 AM PT
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More About The Auctions
  • Vehicles For Sale. These vehicles are a mix of high quality credit union-owned repossessed and off-lease vehicles.
  • Econo-Lot. These are credit union-owned "not so nice, lower price" vehicles may have high mileage, cosmetic or mechanical issues, but come with a bargain price to match.
  • Member Vehicles. These vehicles are posted for sale by credit union members. Shop for cars and trucks, motorcycles, boats and RVs from your fellow members. And remember to finance the purchase through your credit union!
Using This Auction Web Site

This Web site -- brought to you by your credit union and powered by TitleAuctions -- is designed to offer competitive-bid auctions for pre-owned vehicles. When you use this Web site to bid on a vehicle, you can keep track of your bids until the auction closes. Keep in mind that when you place a bid on this Web site, you are entering into a legal contract for the purchase of a vehicle, so bid carefully.

  • Registration. If you only want to browse vehicles in these auctions, registration is not required. If you want to bid on a vehicle, or post a vehicle for sale (offered by selected credit unions), you must be registered. Registration is a simple process. It's important to note that we respect your privacy; your registration information will be used only to facilitate auction transactions. We will never share or sell your information to third-party organizations.
  • Log In. Just as with Registration, you can browse this Web site without logging in. Once you decide to bid on a vehicle or post a listing, you must log in. In this way we can ensure the integrity and security of the information and transactions related to this Web site.
  • My cuAuctions. This area of the site allows you to update your personal information, place a watch on vehicles you're interested in, monitor any bids you have placed and, in some cases, post your own vehicle for sale.